What is polymer silicate?

What Is Polymer Silicate ?

Ps material contains isocyanate modification compounds cross-bounded with liquid silicate. Due to combinign organic and inorganic materials adventages, it gains long-lasting resistance to various chemicals. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It can be applied on carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete, etc… with brush, roll or spreying. There is no need for primer. It can be used water treatment plants, petrochemical industries, high saline industries, steel industries, paper printing and paint industries, marine engineering, ports and piers, food and medicine industries, energy and transportation. In addtion to this, it is used in concrete manufacturing industries. Problems on difficult areas, such as floors, acid and chemical tanks, channels, pipes, metalic structures, air-ducts etc… can be solved with PS material.

There are two compound to prepare polimer silicate; 2K, which is a kind of coating, and 3K, which is special grout. It is suitable to be used for materials with different properties. For dense anti-corrosive situations on concrete surfaces, we suggests PS+Grout.

We focus on the best and long-lasting surface anti-corrosion solutions with special evaluation in pursuant of project problems.

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