GLADIATOR, The Most Effective Technology to Prevent Surface Degradation

The Gladiator System consists of a portable unit which is applied by flame spraying of thermoplastic powders for corrosion prevention.Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri


Thanks to the following features, it provides a wide range of applications in different fields:

  • In small size
  • Portable
  • Easy-to-Use
  • High flow capacity for high rate application

Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri

The system, which is used with propane gas, LPG and compressed air, has various accessories according to the nature of the work.

  • It has three different application guns for working in small or hard-to-reach areas as well as high capacity applications in large areas.
  1. Standart gun for middle size fields
  2. High capacity gun for large fields
  3. Small pistol with pistol grip and trigger mechanism especially suitable for the repair of joints and bends covered with polypropylene.
  • It has additional heating systems that are useful for coating thick parts or for applications in very cold climates.
    Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri

    Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleriThe system is resistant to sun, sand, salt, water and substances and chemical agents that cause widespread air pollution. It provides long-term anti-rust coating that is resistant to impacts, low temperatures and UV rays. The product can be applied without using primer. Excellent consistency in color is guaranteed. Gladiator has a wide range of applications in various sectors;


  • Separation from existing protective coating in underground structures
  • Protection against electro and marine corrosionTermoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri

OSMOTIC AND CORROSION BARRIERTermoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri

Buildings and bridges, offshore structures and marine applications.

Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri


  • Coating with high mechanic strength  and abrasion resistance,
  • Coating for the discharge of mineral deposits and treated waste waterTermoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleriTermoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri


Lighting poles, guardrails, fences, playground structures, swimming pools, gas / water distribution systems, food industry

Termoplastic Yüzey Kaplama sistemleri


The Gladiator System offers numerous benefits with superior efficiency and quality performance:

  • Non-removable assembled units, in-plant or on-site applications
  • Pipes, tanks, connections and joints, general metal structures, equipment, etc.
  • Repair and restoration of thermoplastic powder coated units by other methods, Electrostatic, liquefied soil, extrusion
  • High yield, Standart Gun: At appr. 200-250 micron, up to 10 m2/h’a
  • High capacity Gun: At appr. 200-250 micron, up to 24-30m2/h
  • Versatile and flexible applications. Possibility to reach small and hard-to-reach areas
  • Usability in each type of substrate. Metal, cement and concrete, fiberglass, plastic, wood, cardboard, surface anti-slip applications
    Applicability of a wide variety of types of thermoplastics.
  • Polypropylene, polyethylene, thermoplastic powders, PolyHotCote, biliary copolymer alloys
  • Single-stage application. Direct application of thermoplastic powder to a pre-prepared (sandblasted) substrate heated by a flame gun and / or additional heating gun
  • The coating can be completely repaired and then retouched. The powder can simply be re-melted on the surface to repair the coating or to increase the thickness (without limit).

Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly Solution: It does not contain VOC, halojens, isocyanates and heavy metals, so;

  • Operator safety is provided
  • Over-spraying can be avoided
  • Enables coated units to be used without wasting time.
  • Long-term coating life: The coating life is longer than conventional systems, thus providing corrosion protection in areas where other systems will fail.
  • Application regardless of weather conditions: Flame spraying of thermoplastic powders allows the application of the coating in all weather conditions. This demonstrates the versatility of the Gladiator system.
  • Cost savings: High quality corrosion protection can be achieved with minimum downtime in field applications or large assembled structures.
  • Resistant to corrosive chemical agents / protection against corrosion and oxidation: repair, retouching and application of thermoplastic coatings of unpainted objects