IBIX 25 Ecological Surface Cleaning System

IBIX 25 Ecological Surface Cleaning System

Adjustable Working Pressure: between 0.2. and 7 bars. Exact adjusting of spray rate. Different usage of granuls from 38uq to 1.8mm.

Compressed Air Supply: Minimum requirment 1500 lt per min
Standart Nozzles: Inner diameter 4.5 mm
Suitable Nozzles: 3-5.5-7 mm cylindrical, 4,5,6 mm venturi.
Length of spreying hose with protective sheath: 10 m
Tank Capacity : 25 lt
Max.Hight : 940 mm
Max Width : 450 mm
Weight (Empty Tank) : Approximately 28 kg

IBIX 25 mobil cleaning system is manufactured from aluminum, therefore, it is very light and easy to use. IBIX 25 is used on a wide variety of projects by professionals

This instrument can be used by only one workers alone. The worker can rapidly and simply manage adjustments without a break.

Thanks to its excellent efficiency, versatile equipments and exclusive performance, IBIX 9 decrease not only the labor time for hard works but also for, cleaning, repair and maintenance.

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