IBIX 25 H2O Ecological Surface Cleaning System

IBIX 25 H2O Ecological Surface Cleaning System


Two fonctions surface cleaning system  (water-sprey with carbonate and other minerals and eco-friendly dry-sprey)

Special nozzles for water-sprey to provide mixing carbonate and other minerals (mixed nozzle) standart diameter is 5.5mm

Spreying material +air-water pipe with protective sheath: 10m

Rapid locking system for connection to water tank

Controlled, new low pressured surface cleaning system for automatic carbonated water-sprey cleaning and/or dry-sprey with mineral cleaning

IBIX 25 H2O is applied in two ways:

With mixtured mineral and botanical spreying materials with standart dry spraying or water spreying materials low pressured atomizing water spreying

IBIX9 H2O shows big achievements on restorasion works which are sensitive surface cleaning and urban renovation covered with conservative surface cleaning conditions with its outstanding productivity and versatile equipments.

Due to natural-clean and hygiene effects of carbonates and cleaning power of atomized water, it is ideal and unique solution for cleaning stainless steel or aluminyum and removing unwanted deposits which can’t clean with traditional methods.

Totally natural and eco-friendly IBIX systems solves problems about industrial maintenance in closed places where environmental protection standarts and regulations of preventing occupational accidents must be enforced.

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